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Pre-Sale Assessment

Provide an accurate overview on current market. Inspect your property. Provide suggestions and advice on repairing, remodeling, painting, and landscaping, etc. to maximize the sale value of the property. Send different contractors to give the estimation on the repairing, cleaning, and remodeling work.

Inspection and Disclosures

Arrange home inspection, roof inspection, and termite inspection for the property. Help you to complete the disclosures. Order HOA documents as needed. Get all of the related documents ready for the listing.

Pricing and Preparing Work

Discuss with you on the market strategy and reach an agreement on the listing price. Coordinate with the contractors to complete the necessary remodeling, repairing, landscaping, and cleaning work within the shortest time.

Marketing and Advertising

Post the property on the different real estate websites. Set up "for Sale" sign at the property. Take photos inside/outside the property and prepare flyers. Host open house events to attract the potential home buyers viewing the property. Set up a lockbox for the buyer agents to show the property at their convenient time.

Deal Negotiation

Work with buyer agents and/or potential home buyers on their offers. Represent the offers to you and decide the negotiation strategy, such as counter offers. Negotiate with the buyer agents on the offering prices to maximize the seller's interests.

Escrow and Closing

Once an offer is accepted and a closing date is agreed, cooperate with the escrow officer and buyer agent to complete all of the necessary forms. Help to review the settlement statement prior to sign all of documents. Ensure the transaction to be closed smoothly.

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